Art and Games

Included in the exhibition (in chronological order of their authorship)

Film set for a silent western featuring Broncho Billy at Essanay Film Studio - Essanay Studio, via Chicago History Museum (1910)

His New Job - Charlie Chaplin / Essanay Studio (1915)

IIT Curriculum and Admissions Booklet - School of Design, Chicago via IIT Archives, Paul V. Galvin Library (1938)

Original photos of Moholy-Nagy, School of Design’s Dearborn, Prairie and Ontario buildings and classes, design exhibitions and booklets - School of Design, Chicago via IIT Archives, Paul V. Galvin Library (1938)

IIT Academic Catalogue - Harold Walter via IIT Archives, Paul V. Galvin Library (1948)

“New Approach to Design” and “Institute Combines Art and Technology” - St. Louis Post Dispatch articles (2) via IIT Archives, Paul V. Galvin Library (1951)

Image Processor - Dan Sandin (1971 - 1973)

Five-minute Romp through the IP - Dan Sandin (1973)

General Motors - Phil Morton (1976)

View of Generative Systems Classroom, School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Unknown photographer. via The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology, Sonia Landy Sheridan fonds. Courtesy of the Daniel Langlois Foundation (1976)

Colorful Colorado - Phil Morton (Video) and Stuart Pettigrew (Audio) (1976)

Speak to Me Softly - Annette Barbier and Richard Mandeberg (1977)

The Bally Astrocade - Bally (1977)

Sayre Glove - Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti, Richard Sayre (1977)

ICRON - Bob Snyder (1978)

Digital TV Dinner - Jamie Fenton and Raul Zaritsky (Video) and Dick Ainsworth (Audio) (1978)

Cetacean - Phil Morton and Chip Dodsworth (Video) and Barry Brosch (Audio) (1978)

Data Bursts in 3 Moves - Phil Morton and Guenther Tetz (Video) and Bob Snyder (Audio) (1978)

Wire Trees with 4 Vectors - Phil Morton and Guenther Tetz (Video), Lief Brush and Stu Pettigrew (Audio) (1978)

By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak - Tom DeFanti and Barbara Sykes (Video), Glen Charvat, Doug Lofstrom, Rick Panzer and Jim Teister (Audio) (1978)

Spiral 3 - Tom DeFanti, Phil Morton and Dan Sandin (Video), Sticks Raboin and Bob Snyder (Audio) and Rylin Harris (Dance) (1978)

Wandawega Waters - Dan Sandin (1979)

The Digital Image Colorizer - Dan Sandin (1979)

Spiral 5 PTL (Perhaps The Last) - Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti and Mimi Shevitz (1979)

Real-Time Design ZGRASS Demo - Tom DeFanti, Jane Veeder, Raul Zaritsky, Copper Giloth (1980)

Defender - Williams (1981)

Floater (The Final Sequence) - Jane Veeder (1982)

Warpitout - Jane Veeder (1982)

Montana - Jane Veeder (1982)

Sonia Sheridan manipulating the Cromemco Z-2D system with EASEL software by John Dunn (Time Arts Inc.) - Unknown photographer via The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology, Sonia Landy Sheridan fonds. Courtesy of the Daniel Langlois Foundation (1982)

The Interactive Image - Tom DeFanti and everyone from Electronic Visualization Laboratory (1987)

A Volume of 2-Dimensional Julia Sets - Dan Sandin (Computer graphics and RT/1 programming), Laurie Speigel and Laurie Lou Kauffman (Original music and audio effects), and Tom DeFanti (Visual leadership) (1990)

CAVE - Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti, Carolina Cruz-Neira; with Greg Dawl (industrial design) and everyone at EVL (1991 - present)

Fractal Forest - Ellen Sandor, Stephan Meyers, Janine Fron and Craig Ahmer, (art)n (Collaborative Artists: John Hart; Special thanks: Dan Sandin and Tom DeFanti and the Electronic Visualization Lab (1991)

Ars Electronica - Phil Morton (1992)

Air on the Dirac Strings - George Francis, Louis Kauffman and Dan Sandin (Concept), Chris Hartman and John Hart (Computer graphics), Jan Heyn Cubacub (Dance), Dana Plepys (Editor) and Sumit Das (Music) (1993)

Mortal Kombat 2 - Midway (1993)

Mosaic web browser - National Center for Supercomputing Applications (1993)

You Don't Know Jack - Jackbox Games (1995)

The Intruder - Natalie Bookchin (1998)

From Death’s Door to the Garden Peninsula - Dan Sandin (Virtual environment), Laurie Spiegel (Sound), Dick Ainsworth (Kayaking partner) and Tom DeFanti (Electronic Visualization partner) (1999)

EVL Alive on the Grid - Dan Sandin, Josephine Anstey, Geoffrey Allen Baum, Drew Browning, Beth Cerny Patiño, Margaret Dolinsky, Petra Gemeinboeck, Marientina Gotsis, Alex Hill, Ya Lu Lin, Josephine Lipuma, Brenda Lopez Silva, Todd Margolis, Keith Miller, Dave Pape, Tim Portlock, Joseph Tremonti, Annette Barbier and Dan Neveu (2001)

Looking for Water - Dan Sandin (2001 - 2005)

Emergency - Siebren Versteeg (2002)

Translator II: Grower - Sabrina Raaf (2004)

Everything, All at Once (Part III) - Jason Salavon (2005)

Native Dance Vibrations - Nancy Bechtol (2007)

OTHA - Sara Ludy (2011)

Triad - Anna Anthropy (2013)

Apple Computers - Nick Briz (2013)

Have a Nice Day II: VR Tour Through the Decades, 2017. In Memory of Martyl - Ellen Sandor, Chris Kemp, Diana Torres, and Azadeh Gholizadeh, (art)n (Special thanks: Janine Fron; Code: William Robertson; Narration: Rachel Bronson, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists) (2017)

Un Pueblo de Nada (Kentucky Route Zero interlude) - Cardboard Computer (Jake Elliott, Tamas Kemenczy and Ben Babbitt) (2018)

Lift - Jeffrey Daniels (2018)

Sky Canyon - Sara Ludy (2018)

Facial Terrain - Cat Bluemke (2018)

SHOOTOUT! in Lone Alley - Ali Krouse (2018)

Digital TV Breakfast - Whitney Pow (2018)

Insert Coin: Inside Midway's '90s Revolution - Josh Tsui (in progress)